Deploy a Model to Azure Container Service

The following resources from the Cortana Intelligence and Machine Learning team go over tutorials for deploying CNTK models to Azure Container Service.

Deploy Pretrained Models to Azure Container Service

Tutorial: Deployment of Pretrained Models to Azure Container Service | Github
Authors: Mathew Salvaris, Ilia Karmanov

This end-to-end tutorial goes over the process of building a simple image classification web application, using a pretrained CNTK ResNet 152 model, and deploying the app via ACS.


  • Create Docker image of the application
  • Test the application locally
  • Create an ACS cluster and deploy the web app
  • Test the web app

Train and Serve Models using Kubernetes on Azure

Tutorial: How to Serve and Train Deep Learning Models at Scale, using Cognitive Toolkit with Kubernetes on Azure | Github
Author: Wee Hyong Tok

This tutorial explains how to deploy a Kubernetes cluster on Azure using the ACS Engine and how to autoscale the cluster. Once the Kubernetes cluster is up and running, the tutorial repo provides sample CNTK docker images for training on the CIFAR-10 dataset and serving a pretrained ResNet model (based on the above tutorial).