Country/region strings

Country and region strings can be combined with a language string to create a locale specification for the setlocale, _wsetlocale, _create_locale, and _wcreate_locale functions.

For lists of country and region names that are supported by various Windows operating system versions, see the Language, Location, and Language tag columns of the table in Appendix A: Product Behavior in [MS-LCID]: Windows Language Code Identifier (LCID) Reference. For an example of code that enumerates available locale names and related values, see NLS: Name-based APIs Sample.

Other supported country and region strings

The Microsoft C run-time library implementation also supports the following country/region strings and abbreviations:

Country/region string Abbreviation Equivalent locale name
america USA en-US
britain GBR en-GB
china CHN zh-CN
czech CZE cs-CZ
england GBR en-GB
great britain GBR en-GB
holland NLD nl-NL
hong-kong HKG zh-HK
new-zealand NZL en-NZ
nz NZL en-NZ
pr china CHN zh-CN
pr-china CHN zh-CN
puerto-rico PRI es-PR
slovak SVK sk-SK
south africa ZAF af-ZA
south korea KOR ko-KR
south-africa ZAF af-ZA
south-korea KOR ko-KR
trinidad & tobago TTO en-TT
uk GBR en-GB
united-kingdom GBR en-GB
united-states USA en-US
us USA en-US

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