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Platform::COMException Class

Represents COM errors that occur during application execution. COMException is the base class for a set of predefined, standard exceptions.


public ref class COMException : Exception,    IException,    IPrintable,    IEquatable


The COMException class inherits from the Object class and the IException, IPrintable, and IEquatable interfaces.

COMException also has the following types of members.


Member Description
COMException Initializes a new instance of the COMException class.


The COMException class inherits the Equals(), Finalize(), GetHashCode(), GetType(), MemberwiseClose(), and ToString() methods from the Platform::Object Class.


The COMException class has the following properties.

Member Description
Exception::HResult The HRESULT that corresponds to the exception.
Exception::Message Message that describes the exception.

Derived Exceptions

The following predefined exceptions are derived from COMException. They differ from COMException only in their name, the name of their constructor, and their underlying HRESULT value.

Name Underlying HRESULT Description
COMException user-defined hresult Thrown when an unrecognized HRESULT is returned from a COM method call.
AccessDeniedException E_ACCESSDENIED Thrown when access is denied to a resource or feature.
ChangedStateException E_CHANGED_STATE Thrown when methods of a collection iterator or a collection view are called after the parent collection has changed, invalidating the results of the method.
ClassNotRegisteredException REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG Thrown when a COM class has not been registered.
DisconnectedException RPC_E_DISCONNECTED Thrown when an object is disconnected from its clients.
FailureException E_FAIL Thrown when an operation fails.
InvalidArgumentException E_INVALIDARG Thrown when one of the arguments provided to a method is not valid.
InvalidCastException E_NOINTERFACE Thrown when a type can't be cast to another type.
NotImplementedException E_NOTIMPL Thrown if an interface method hasn't been implemented on a class.
NullReferenceException E_POINTER Thrown when there is an attempt to dereference a null object reference.
OperationCanceledException E_ABORT Thrown when an operation is aborted.
OutOfBoundsException E_BOUNDS Thrown when an operation attempts to access data outside the valid range.
OutOfMemoryException E_OUTOFMEMORY Thrown when there's insufficient memory to complete the operation.


Minimum supported client: Windows 8

Minimum supported server: Windows Server 2012

Namespace: Platform

Metadata: platform.winmd

COMException::COMException Constructor

Intializes a new instance of the COMException class.


COMException( int hresult )


The error HRESULT that is represented by the exception.

COMException::HResult Property

The HRESULT that corresponds to the exception.


    property int HResult { int get();}

Property Value

An HRESULT value that specifies the error.


For more information about how to interpret the HRESULT value, see Structure of COM Error Codes.

COMException::Message Property

Message that describes the exception.


public:property String^ Message {    String^ get();}

Property Value

A description of the exception.

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