Compiler Warning (level 4) C4710

'function' : function not inlined

The specified function was marked for inline expansion, but the compiler didn't inline the function.

Inlining is done at the compiler's discretion. The inline keyword, like the deprecated (and, in C++17 and later standards, removed) register keyword, is used as a hint for the compiler. The compiler uses heuristics to determine if it should inline a particular function to speed up the code when it optimizes for speed, or if it should inline a particular function to make the code smaller when it optimizes for space. The compiler inlines only the smallest functions when compiling for space.

In some cases, the compiler doesn't inline a particular function for mechanical reasons. See C4714 for a list of reasons the compiler may not inline a function.

This warning is off by default. For more information, see Compiler warnings that are off by default.