Indicator resource type

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If you are a US Government customer, please use the URIs listed in Microsoft Defender for Endpoint for US Government customers.


For better performance, you can use server closer to your geo location:

Method Return Type Description
List Indicators Indicator Collection List Indicator entities.
Submit Indicator Indicator Submit or update Indicator entity.
Import Indicators Indicator Collection Submit or update Indicators entities.
Delete Indicator No Content Deletes Indicator entity.


Property Type Description
id String Identity of the Indicator entity.
indicatorValue String The value of the Indicator.
indicatorType Enum Type of the indicator. Possible values are: FileSha1, FileSha256, FileMd5, CertificateThumbprint, IpAddress, DomainName, and Url.
application String The application associated with the indicator.
action Enum The action that is taken if the indicator is discovered in the organization. Possible values are: Warn, Block, Audit, Alert, AlertAndBlock, BlockAndRemediate, and Allowed.
externalID String Id the customer can submit in the request for custom correlation.
sourceType Enum User in case the Indicator created by a user (for example, from the portal), AadApp in case it submitted using automated application via the API.
createdBySource string The name of the user/application that submitted the indicator.
createdBy String Unique identity of the user/application that submitted the indicator.
lastUpdatedBy String Identity of the user/application that last updated the indicator.
creationTimeDateTimeUtc DateTimeOffset The date and time when the indicator was created.
expirationTime DateTimeOffset The expiration time of the indicator.
lastUpdateTime DateTimeOffset The last time the indicator was updated.
severity Enum The severity of the indicator. Possible values are: Informational, Low, Medium, and High.
title String Indicator title.
description String Description of the indicator.
recommendedActions String Recommended actions for the indicator.
rbacGroupNames List of strings RBAC device group names where the indicator is exposed and active. Empty list in case it exposed to all devices.
rbacGroupIds List of strings RBAC device group IDs where the indicator is exposed and active. Empty list in case it exposed to all devices.
generateAlert Enum True if alert generation is required, False if this indicator shouldn't generate an alert.

Indicator Types

The indicator action types supported by the API are:

  • Allowed
  • Audit
  • Block
  • BlockAndRemediate
  • Warn (Defender for Cloud Apps only)

For more information on the description of the response action types, see Create indicators.


The prior response actions (AlertAndBlock, and Alert) will be supported until January 2022. After this date, all customers must be use one of the action types listed in this section.

Json representation

    "id": "994",
    "indicatorValue": "881c0f10c75e64ec39d257a131fcd531f47dd2cff2070ae94baa347d375126fd",
    "indicatorType": "FileSha256",
    "action": "AlertAndBlock",
    "application": null,
    "source": "",
    "sourceType": "User",
    "createdBy": "",
    "severity": "Informational",
    "title": "Michael test",
    "description": "test",
    "recommendedActions": "nothing",
    "creationTimeDateTimeUtc": "2019-12-19T09:09:46.9139216Z",
    "expirationTime": null,
    "lastUpdateTime": "2019-12-19T09:09:47.3358111Z",
    "lastUpdatedBy": null,
    "rbacGroupNames": ["team1"]

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