LAStatus Enum


Status and error codes returned by methods in LocalAuthentication.

[ObjCRuntime.Introduced(ObjCRuntime.PlatformName.iOS, 8, 0, ObjCRuntime.PlatformArchitecture.All, null)]
[ObjCRuntime.Introduced(ObjCRuntime.PlatformName.MacOSX, 10, 10, ObjCRuntime.PlatformArchitecture.All, null)]
public enum LAStatus
type LAStatus = 


AppCancel -9
AuthenticationFailed -1

Authentication failed due to invalid credentials.

BiometryLockout -8

Indicates that biometric authentication has failed too many times, and the user is now locked out.

BiometryNotAvailable -6

Indicates that biometric authentication is not supported on the device.

BiometryNotEnrolled -7

Indicates that the user has not enrolled for biometric authentication.

InvalidContext -10
NotInteractive -1004
PasscodeNotSet -5

Authentication could not take place, as the device does not have a passcode set.

Success 0

Authentication succeeded.

SystemCancel -4

Authentication was canceled by the system, usually due to an interruption by another application.

TouchIDLockout -8

Developers should not use this deprecated field. Developers should use 'BiometryLockout' instead.

TouchIDNotAvailable -6

Authentication failed due to the TouchID sensor is not available

TouchIDNotEnrolled -7

Authentication failed because the user has not enrolled any fingers with TouchID.

UserCancel -2

Authentication failed due to the using cancelling.

UserFallback -3

Authentication failed because the user used a fallback (for example, a password).


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