WebActivity.Body Property


Represents the payload that will be sent to the endpoint. Required for POST/PUT method, not allowed for GET method Type: string (or Expression with resultType string).

To assign an object to this property use FromObjectAsJson<T>(T, JsonSerializerOptions).

To assign an already formated json string to this property use FromString(String).


  • BinaryData.FromObjectAsJson("foo")Creates a payload of "foo".
  • BinaryData.FromString("\"foo\"")Creates a payload of "foo".
  • BinaryData.FromObjectAsJson(new { key = "value" })Creates a payload of { "key": "value" }.
  • BinaryData.FromString("{\"key\": \"value\"}")Creates a payload of { "key": "value" }.
public BinaryData Body { get; set; }
member this.Body : BinaryData with get, set
Public Property Body As BinaryData

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