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MiningStructureCacheMode Enum


Determines whether the training data that Analysis Services retrieves and caches while processing a mining structure is persisted or deleted after Analysis Services finishes the processing.

public enum MiningStructureCacheMode
type MiningStructureCacheMode = 
Public Enum MiningStructureCacheMode


ClearAfterProcessing 1

Caches cases during processing, but deletes cases after processing.

KeepTrainingCases 0

Caches cases during and after processing.


Note: CacheMode must be set to KeepTrainingCases in order to use holdout. If a test data set has been defined for an existing structure by using one of the holdout parameters, changing the value of CacheMode to ClearAfterProcessing will delete the test data set and its definition.

Caching must be enabled to use drillthrough on the mining structure cases.

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