WebApplicationFactory<TEntryPoint> Constructor


Creates an instance of WebApplicationFactory<TEntryPoint>. This factory can be used to create a TestServer instance using the MVC application defined by TEntryPoint and one or more HttpClient instances used to send HttpRequestMessage to the TestServer. The WebApplicationFactory<TEntryPoint> will find the entry point class of TEntryPoint assembly and initialize the application by calling IWebHostBuilder CreateWebHostBuilder(string [] args) on TEntryPoint.

This constructor will infer the application content root path by searching for a WebApplicationFactoryContentRootAttribute on the assembly containing the functional tests with a key equal to the TEntryPoint assembly FullName. In case an attribute with the right key can't be found, WebApplicationFactory<TEntryPoint> will fall back to searching for a solution file (*.sln) and then appending TEntryPoint assembly name to the solution directory. The application root directory will be used to discover views and content files.

The application assemblies will be loaded from the dependency context of the assembly containing TEntryPoint. This means that project dependencies of the assembly containing TEntryPoint will be loaded as application assemblies.

public WebApplicationFactory ();
Public Sub New ()

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