CosmosClientOptions.PortReuseMode Property


(Direct/TCP) Controls the client port reuse policy used by the transport stack.

public Microsoft.Azure.Cosmos.PortReuseMode? PortReuseMode { get; set; }
member this.PortReuseMode : Nullable<Microsoft.Azure.Cosmos.PortReuseMode> with get, set
Public Property PortReuseMode As Nullable(Of PortReuseMode)

Property Value

The default value is PortReuseMode.ReuseUnicastPort.


ReuseUnicastPort and PrivatePortPool are not mutually exclusive. When PrivatePortPool is enabled, the client first tries to reuse a port it already has. It falls back to allocating a new port if the initial attempts failed. If this fails, too, the client then falls back to ReuseUnicastPort.

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