VirtualMachine.LicenseType Property


Gets or sets specifies that the image or disk that is being used was licensed on-premises. <br><br> Possible values for Windows Server operating system are: <br><br> Windows_Client <br><br> Windows_Server <br><br> Possible values for Linux Server operating system are: <br><br> RHEL_BYOS (for RHEL) <br><br> SLES_BYOS (for SUSE) <br><br> For more information, see Azure Hybrid Use Benefit for Windows Server <br><br> Azure Hybrid Use Benefit for Linux Server <br><br> Minimum api-version: 2015-06-15

public string LicenseType { get; set; }
member this.LicenseType : string with get, set
Public Property LicenseType As String

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