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ISaveChangesInterceptor Interface


Allows interception of the DbContext.SaveChanges and DbContext.SaveChangesAync methods.

public interface ISaveChangesInterceptor : Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Diagnostics.IInterceptor
type ISaveChangesInterceptor = interface
    interface IInterceptor
Public Interface ISaveChangesInterceptor
Implements IInterceptor


SaveChanges interceptors can be used to view, change, or suppress execution of the SaveChanges call and modify the result before it is returned to EF.

Consider inheriting from SaveChangesInterceptor if not implementing all methods.

Use AddInterceptors(IInterceptor[]) to register application interceptors.

Extensions can also register interceptors in the internal service provider. If both injected and application interceptors are found, then the injected interceptors are run in the order that they are resolved from the service provider, and then the application interceptors are run last.

See EF Core interceptors for more information and examples.



Called when DbContext.SaveChanges was canceled.

SaveChangesCanceledAsync(DbContextEventData, CancellationToken)

Called when DbContext.SaveChangesAsync was canceled.


Called when an exception has been thrown in DbContext.SaveChanges.

SaveChangesFailedAsync(DbContextErrorEventData, CancellationToken)

Called when an exception has been thrown in DbContext.SaveChangesAsync.

SavedChanges(SaveChangesCompletedEventData, Int32)

Called at the end of DbContext.SaveChanges.

SavedChangesAsync(SaveChangesCompletedEventData, Int32, CancellationToken)

Called at the end of DbContext.SaveChangesAsync.

SavingChanges(DbContextEventData, InterceptionResult<Int32>)

Called at the start of DbContext.SaveChanges.

SavingChangesAsync(DbContextEventData, InterceptionResult<Int32>, CancellationToken)

Called at the start of DbContext.SaveChangesAsync.

ThrowingConcurrencyException(ConcurrencyExceptionEventData, InterceptionResult)

Called immediately before EF is going to throw a DbUpdateConcurrencyException.

ThrowingConcurrencyExceptionAsync(ConcurrencyExceptionEventData, InterceptionResult, CancellationToken)

Called immediately before EF is going to throw a DbUpdateConcurrencyException.

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