IPostConfigureOptions<TOptions> Interface


Represents something that configures the TOptions type. Note: These are run after all IConfigureOptions<TOptions>.

generic <typename TOptions>
 where TOptions : classpublic interface class IPostConfigureOptions
public interface IPostConfigureOptions<in TOptions> where TOptions : class
type IPostConfigureOptions<'Options (requires 'Options : null)> = interface
Public Interface IPostConfigureOptions(Of In TOptions)

Type Parameters


Options type being configured.

This type parameter is contravariant. That is, you can use either the type you specified or any type that is less derived. For more information about covariance and contravariance, see Covariance and Contravariance in Generics.


PostConfigure(String, TOptions)

Invoked to configure a TOptions instance.

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