WdRemoveDocInfoType Enum


Specifies the type of information to remove from a document.

public enum class WdRemoveDocInfoType
public enum WdRemoveDocInfoType
type WdRemoveDocInfoType = 
Public Enum WdRemoveDocInfoType


wdRDIAll 99

Removes all document information.

wdRDIComments 1

Removes document comments.

wdRDIContentType 16

Removes content type information.

wdRDIDocumentManagementPolicy 15

Removes document management policy information.

wdRDIDocumentProperties 8

Removes document properties.

wdRDIDocumentServerProperties 14

Removes document server properties.

wdRDIDocumentWorkspace 10

Removes document workspace information.

wdRDIEmailHeader 5

Removes e-mail header information.

wdRDIInkAnnotations 11

Removes ink annotations.

wdRDIRemovePersonalInformation 4

Removes personal information.

wdRDIRevisions 2

Removes revision marks.

wdRDIRoutingSlip 6

Removes routing slip information.

wdRDISendForReview 7

Removes information stored when sending a document for review.

wdRDITaskpaneWebExtensions 17

Removes taskpane web extensions information.

wdRDITemplate 9

Removes template information.

wdRDIVersions 3

Removes document version information.

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