Keyboard.CtrlKeyDown Property


Gets a value that indicates whether a CTRL key is down.

 property bool CtrlKeyDown { bool get(); };
public bool CtrlKeyDown { get; }
member this.CtrlKeyDown : bool
Public ReadOnly Property CtrlKeyDown As Boolean

Property Value

True if a CTRL key is down; otherwise, False.


This example uses the My.Computer.Keyboard.CtrlKeyDown property to determine if the computer's CTRL key is down.

If My.Computer.Keyboard.CtrlKeyDown Then
    MsgBox("CTRL key down")
    MsgBox("CTRL key up")
End If


The My.Computer.Keyboard.CtrlKeyDown property provides functionality similar to the ModifierKeys property.

Availability by Project Type

Project type Available
Windows Application Yes
Class Library Yes
Console Application Yes
Windows Control Library Yes
Web Control Library No
Windows Service Yes
Web Site No

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