FindOptions Enum


Represents the options that are used in a search.

This enumeration supports a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class FindOptions
public enum class FindOptions
enum FindOptions
public enum FindOptions
type FindOptions = 
Public Enum FindOptions


DoNotUpdateUI 352

Indicates that no message dialogs should be shown as a result of the search.

MatchCase 1

The search is case-sensitive.

Multiline 32

The search contains data that could match over line endings.

None 0

No options have been set.

OrdinalComparison 64

The string comparison used for the search is culture-insensitive (ordinal). For regular expression searches, this options specifies the CultureInvariant.

SearchReverse 8

The search starts at the end of the string.

SingleLine 128

Only valid in conjunction with UseRegularExpressions. When supplied, uses the Singleline option to perform the searches.

UseRegularExpressions 2

The search uses .NET regular expressions.

WholeWord 4

The search matches whole words only.

Wrap 16

The search should wrap around if it hits boundaries of the search range.

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