SectionDefinition.AllowDefinition Property


Gets or sets a value indicating valid configuration path locations for the configuration section.

 property System::String ^ AllowDefinition { System::String ^ get(); void set(System::String ^ value); };
public string AllowDefinition { get; set; }
member this.AllowDefinition : string with get, set
Public Property AllowDefinition As String

Property Value


The configuration path location.


The following example demonstrates the AllowDefinition property.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;
using Microsoft.Web.Administration;
using Microsoft.Web.Management;

namespace AdministrationSnippets
    public class AdministrationSectionDefinition
        // List all configuration sections in applicationHost.config
        public void ShowAllSections()
            ServerManager manager = new ServerManager();
            SectionGroup rootGroup = 
            ShowGroup(rootGroup, -1);


        private void ShowGroup(SectionGroup group, int indentLevel)
            Console.Write("".PadLeft(++indentLevel, ' '));
            string grpName = String.IsNullOrEmpty(group.Name) ? "{root}" : group.Name;
            Console.WriteLine("+ Section Group: {0}; Sub-groups: {1}; Sections: {2}",
                grpName, group.SectionGroups.Count, group.Sections.Count);

            foreach (SectionGroup grp in group.SectionGroups)
                ShowGroup(grp, indentLevel);

            string path = String.Concat(group.Name, "/");

            foreach (SectionDefinition def in group.Sections)
                Console.Write("".PadLeft(indentLevel, ' '));
                Console.WriteLine("|_Name:                {0}", String.Concat(path,def.Name));
                Console.Write("".PadLeft(indentLevel, ' '));
                Console.WriteLine("|_AllowDefinition:     {0}", def.AllowDefinition);
                Console.Write("".PadLeft(indentLevel, ' '));
                Console.WriteLine("|_AllowLocation:       {0}", def.AllowLocation);
                Console.Write("".PadLeft(indentLevel, ' '));
                Console.WriteLine("|_OverrideModeDefault: {0}", def.OverrideModeDefault);
                Console.Write("".PadLeft(indentLevel, ' '));
                Console.WriteLine("|_Type:                {0}\r\n", 
                    String.IsNullOrEmpty(def.Type) ? "null" : def.Type);



The following table lists the valid values for the AllowDefinition property.

Value Definition
"Everywhere" The section can be defined in any configuration level. The default value.
"MachineToApplication" The section can be defined in the Machine.config or ApplicationHost.config file.
"MachineOnly" The section can be defined only in the Machine.config file.
"MachineToWebRoot" The section can be defined in the Machine.config, ApplicationHost.config, or Web.config file. The Web.config file is stored in the Web site root.
"AppHostOnly" The section can be defined only in the ApplicationHost.config file.

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