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CoreWebView2Controller.Close Method


Closes the WebView and cleans up the underlying browser instance.

public void Close ();
member this.Close : unit -> unit
Public Sub Close ()


Cleaning up the browser instance releases the resources powering the WebView. The browser instance is shut down if no other WebViews are using it.

After running Close, all methods fail and event handlers stop running. Specifically, the WebView releases the associated references to any associated event handlers when Close is run.

Close is implicitly run when the CoreWebView2Controller loses the final reference and is destructed. But it is best practice to explicitly run Close to avoid any accidental cycle of references between the WebView and the app code. Specifically, if you capture a reference to the WebView in an event handler you create a reference cycle between the WebView and the event handler. Run Close to break the cycle by releasing all event handlers. But to avoid the situation, it is best to both explicitly run Close on the WebView and to not capture a reference to the WebView to ensure the WebView is cleaned up correctly. Close is synchronous and won't trigger the beforeunload event.

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