RegistryOptions Enum


Specifies options to use when creating a registry key.

This enumeration supports a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class RegistryOptions
public enum RegistryOptions
public enum RegistryOptions
type RegistryOptions = 
type RegistryOptions = 
Public Enum RegistryOptions


None 0

A non-volatile key. This is the default.

Volatile 1

A volatile key. The information is stored in memory and is not preserved when the corresponding registry hive is unloaded.


You can create a registry key that is available only in memory and that will not be persisted when the computer is restarted. This is known as a volatile key. You can specify that you want to create a volatile or non-volatile key by using the RegistryKey.CreateSubKey method overloads that take an options parameter.

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