SystemEvents.PowerModeChanged Event


Occurs when the user suspends or resumes the system.

 static event Microsoft::Win32::PowerModeChangedEventHandler ^ PowerModeChanged;
public static event Microsoft.Win32.PowerModeChangedEventHandler PowerModeChanged;
public static event Microsoft.Win32.PowerModeChangedEventHandler? PowerModeChanged;
member this.PowerModeChanged : Microsoft.Win32.PowerModeChangedEventHandler 
Public Shared Custom Event PowerModeChanged As PowerModeChangedEventHandler 

Event Type


System event notifications are not supported under the current context. Server processes, for example, might not support global system event notifications.

The attempt to create a system events window thread did not succeed.



This event is only raised if the message pump is running. In a Windows service, unless a hidden form is used or the message pump has been started manually, this event will not be raised. For a code example that shows how to handle system events by using a hidden form in a Windows service, see the SystemEvents class.


Because this is a static event, you must detach your event handlers when your application is disposed, or memory leaks will result.

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