Azure Provisioning client library for .NET - version 0.1.0-beta.1

Azure.Provisioning.WebPubSub simplifies declarative resource provisioning in .NET for Azure Web PubSub.

Getting started

Install the package

Install the client library for .NET with NuGet:

dotnet add package Azure.Provisioning.WebPubSub --prerelease


You must have an Azure subscription.

Authenticate the Client

Key concepts

This library allows you to specify your infrastructure in a declarative style using dotnet. You can then use azd to deploy your infrastructure to Azure diretly without needing to write or maintain bicep or arm templates.


Here is a simple example which creates a KeyVault.

First create your Infrastructure class.

public class SampleInfrastructure : Infrastructure
    public SampleInfrastructure() : base(envName: "Sample", tenantId: Guid.Empty, subscriptionId: Guid.Empty, configuration: new Configuration { UseInteractiveMode = true })

Next add your resources into your infrastructure and then Build.

// Create a new infrastructure
var infrastructure = new SampleInfrastructure();

// Add a new key vault
var keyVault = infrastructure.AddKeyVault();

// You can call Build to convert the infrastructure into bicep files.


Next steps


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