SecTrustResult Enum


Result code for SecTrust.Evaluate

public enum SecTrustResult
type SecTrustResult = 


Confirm 2

Developers should not use this deprecated field.

Deny 3

Trust for this certificate is being denied.

FatalTrustFailure 6

The certificate could not be trace back to a trusted root.

Invalid 0

The supplied data cannot be used to determine if the certificate can be trusted.

Proceed 1

The certificate is trusted and the system is telling you to proceed with its intended usage.

RecoverableTrustFailure 5

Not enough information is available to trust this certificate. If extra information is supplied then it could be trusted (or not).

ResultOtherError 7

An error occured while trying to determine the certificate trust.

Unspecified 4

The certificate is trusted and the default system action should be executed. In general it means it's trusted and you can go on.


In general both Proceed and Unspecified means you can trust the certificate, other values means it should not be trusted.

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