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IAsyncEnumerable<T> Interface


Exposes an enumerator that provides asynchronous iteration over values of a specified type.

generic <typename T>
public interface class IAsyncEnumerable
public interface IAsyncEnumerable<out T>
type IAsyncEnumerable<'T> = interface
Public Interface IAsyncEnumerable(Of Out T)

Type Parameters


The type of the elements in the collection.

This type parameter is covariant. That is, you can use either the type you specified or any type that is more derived. For more information about covariance and contravariance, see Covariance and Contravariance in Generics.



Returns an enumerator that iterates asynchronously through the collection.

Extension Methods

ConfigureAwait<T>(IAsyncEnumerable<T>, Boolean)

Configures how awaits on the tasks returned from an async iteration are performed.

ToBlockingEnumerable<T>(IAsyncEnumerable<T>, CancellationToken)

Converts an IAsyncEnumerable<T> instance into an IEnumerable<T> that enumerates elements in a blocking manner.

WithCancellation<T>(IAsyncEnumerable<T>, CancellationToken)

Sets the CancellationToken to be passed to GetAsyncEnumerator(CancellationToken) when iterating.

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