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ApplicationSettingsBase.Item[String] Property


Gets or sets the value of the specified application settings property.

 virtual property System::Object ^ default[System::String ^] { System::Object ^ get(System::String ^ propertyName); void set(System::String ^ propertyName, System::Object ^ value); };
public override object this[string propertyName] { get; set; }
member this.Item(string) : obj with get, set
Default Public Overrides Property Item(propertyName As String) As Object



A String containing the name of the property to access.

Property Value

If found, the value of the named settings property; otherwise, null.


There are no properties associated with the current wrapper or the specified property could not be found.

An attempt was made to set a read-only property.

The value supplied is of a type incompatible with the settings property, during a set operation.

The configuration file could not be parsed.


The Item[] property, also known as the indexer, is routinely used in the settings wrapper class derived from ApplicationSettingsBase. Item[] binds the public property of the wrapper class to the corresponding settings property.

Item[] raises several events depending on the operation being performed:

  • The first time a property is retrieved, the SettingsLoaded event is raised.

  • When a property is set, the OnSettingChanging event is raised. If the handler does not cancel the event, then the property value is set and the PropertyChanged event is raised.

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