IUpdatable Interface


An interface used to insert or update a resource by the HTTP POST method.

public interface class IUpdatable
public interface IUpdatable
type IUpdatable = interface
Public Interface IUpdatable


The IUpdatable interface is resource independent. The methods that return objects representing resources can return anything.

The returned object is an opaque object that represents the resource. To use the reference to read or update a value, the same opaque object is passed back to IUpdatable.

Implementation of IUpdatable must track the mapping between this opaque object to the object it represents. When the resource is serialized and a common language runtime (CLR) instance of the correct type is needed, the ResolveResource method on IUpdatable is called with the opaque object.

To serialize the object, call the ResolveResource method on IUpdatable.


AddReferenceToCollection(Object, String, Object)

Adds the specified value to the collection.


Cancels a change to the data.

CreateResource(String, String)

Creates the resource of the specified type and that belongs to the specified container.


Deletes the specified resource.

GetResource(IQueryable, String)

Gets the resource of the specified type identified by a query and type name.

GetValue(Object, String)

Gets the value of the specified property on the target object.

RemoveReferenceFromCollection(Object, String, Object)

Removes the specified value from the collection.


Resets the resource identified by the parameter resource to its default value.


Returns the instance of the resource represented by the specified resource object.


Saves all the changes that have been made by using the IUpdatable APIs.

SetReference(Object, String, Object)

Sets the value of the specified reference property on the target object.

SetValue(Object, String, Object)

Sets the value of the property with the specified name on the target resource to the specified property value.

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