SqlCommand.EndExecuteXmlReader(IAsyncResult) Method


Finishes asynchronous execution of a Transact-SQL statement, returning the requested data as XML.

 System::Xml::XmlReader ^ EndExecuteXmlReader(IAsyncResult ^ asyncResult);
public System.Xml.XmlReader EndExecuteXmlReader (IAsyncResult asyncResult);
member this.EndExecuteXmlReader : IAsyncResult -> System.Xml.XmlReader
Public Function EndExecuteXmlReader (asyncResult As IAsyncResult) As XmlReader



The IAsyncResult returned by the call to BeginExecuteXmlReader().


An XmlReader object that can be used to fetch the resulting XML data.


asyncResult parameter is null (Nothing in Microsoft Visual Basic)

EndExecuteXmlReader(IAsyncResult) was called more than once for a single command execution, or the method was mismatched against its execution method (for example, the code called EndExecuteXmlReader(IAsyncResult) to complete execution of a call to BeginExecuteNonQuery().


For examples demonstrating the use of the EndExecuteXmlReader method, see BeginExecuteXmlReader.


When you call BeginExecuteXmlReader to execute a Transact-SQL statement, you must call EndExecuteXmlReader in order to complete the operation. If the process of executing the command has not yet finished, this method blocks until the operation is complete. Users can verify that the command has completed its operation by using the IAsyncResult instance returned by the BeginExecuteXmlReader method. If a callback procedure was specified in the call to BeginExecuteXmlReader, this method must be called.

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