DistributedContextPropagator.CreatePassThroughPropagator Method


Returns a propagator that attempts to act transparently, emitting the same data on outbound network requests that was received on the inbound request. When encoding the outbound message, this propagator uses information from the request's root Activity, ignoring any intermediate Activities that may have been created while processing the request.

 static System::Diagnostics::DistributedContextPropagator ^ CreatePassThroughPropagator();
public static System.Diagnostics.DistributedContextPropagator CreatePassThroughPropagator ();
static member CreatePassThroughPropagator : unit -> System.Diagnostics.DistributedContextPropagator
Public Shared Function CreatePassThroughPropagator () As DistributedContextPropagator



An instance of the DistributedContextPropagator class.

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