Encoder.LuminanceTable Field


Represents an Encoder object that is initialized with the globally unique identifier for the luminance table parameter category.

public: static initonly System::Drawing::Imaging::Encoder ^ LuminanceTable;
public static readonly System.Drawing.Imaging.Encoder LuminanceTable;
 staticval mutable LuminanceTable : System.Drawing.Imaging.Encoder
Public Shared ReadOnly LuminanceTable As Encoder 

Field Value


When you pass a parameter to an image encoder, the parameter is encapsulated in an EncoderParameter object. One of the fields of the EncoderParameter object is a GUID that specifies the category of the parameter. Use the static fields of the Encoder class to retrieve an Encoder that contains parameters of the desired category.

The image encoders that are built into GDI+ receive parameters that belong to several categories. The following table lists all the categories and the GUID associated with each category.

ChrominanceTable f2e455dc-09b3-4316-8260-676ada32481c

ColorDepth 66087055-ad66-4c7c-9a18-38a2310b8337

Compression e09d739d-ccd4-44ee-8eba-3fbf8be4fc58

LuminanceTable edb33bce-0266-4a77-b904-27216099e717

Quality 1d5be4b5-fa4a-452d-9cdd-5db35105e7eb

RenderMethod 6d42c53a-229a-4825-8bb7-5c99e2b9a8b8

SaveFlag 292266fc-ac40-47bf-8cfc-a85b89a655de

ScanMethod 3a4e2661-3109-4e56-8536-42c156e7dcfa

Transformation 8d0eb2d1-a58e-4ea8-aa14-108074b7b6f9

Version 24d18c76-814a-41a4-bf53-1c219cccf797

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