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FederatedAuthentication Class


Provides access to state pertinent to all HTTP modules relevant to federated authentication in the web application.

public ref class FederatedAuthentication abstract sealed
public static class FederatedAuthentication
type FederatedAuthentication = class
Public Class FederatedAuthentication


You can access the modules that are configured for the web application through the static properties exposed by the FederatedAuthentication class. The GetHttpModule method provides an extension point through which other application-defined modules that derive from HttpModuleBase and that are configured for the application can be accessed.

The FederatedAuthentication.FederationConfiguration property references a singleton instance of FederationConfiguration that provides configuration settings for the HTTP modules. The first time the property is accessed by one of the HTTP modules, a FederationConfiguration instance is initialized from the <federationConfiguration> element in the configuration file and the FederationConfigurationCreated is raised to provide an application with the opportunity to modify the configuration object before it is used to initialize module properties. The same FederationConfiguration instance is returned on each subsequent access of the property.


The claims authorization manager (ClaimsAuthorizationManager) that is used to evaluate claims based access checks when using the ClaimsPrincipalPermission class or the ClaimsPrincipalPermissionAttribute class is configured on the IdentityConfiguration object that is set on the federation configuration object referenced through the FederatedAuthentication.FederationConfiguration property. This is true for all applications whether they are ASP.NET applications or not.



Gets the claims authorization module used by the web application.


Gets the singleton FederationConfiguration instance used by the HTTP modules in this web application.


Gets the session authentication module (SAM) used by the web application.


Gets the WS-Federation Authentication Module (WSFAM) used by the web application.



Gets the HTTP module of the specified type that is being used by the web application.



Occurs when the FederationConfiguration property is accessed for the first time by one of the HTTP modules in the web application.

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