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HttpClient.Timeout Property


Gets or sets the timespan to wait before the request times out.

 property TimeSpan Timeout { TimeSpan get(); void set(TimeSpan value); };
public TimeSpan Timeout { get; set; }
member this.Timeout : TimeSpan with get, set
Public Property Timeout As TimeSpan

Property Value

The timespan to wait before the request times out.


The timeout specified is less than or equal to zero and is not InfiniteTimeSpan.

An operation has already been started on the current instance.

The current instance has been disposed.


The following example sets the Timeout property.

HttpClient httpClient = new HttpClient();
httpClient.Timeout = TimeSpan.FromMinutes(10);


The default value is 100,000 milliseconds (100 seconds).

To set an infinite timeout, set the property value to InfiniteTimeSpan.

A Domain Name System (DNS) query may take up to 15 seconds to return or time out. If your request contains a host name that requires resolution and you set Timeout to a value less than 15 seconds, it may take 15 seconds or more before a WebException is thrown to indicate a timeout on your request.

The same timeout will apply for all requests using this HttpClient instance. You may also set different timeouts for individual requests using a CancellationTokenSource on a task. Note that only the shorter of the two timeouts will apply.

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