ContactManager.SynchronizingObject Property


When this property value is set, all events not fired as the result of an asynchronous operation will have the associated event handlers called back on the thread that created the specific SynchronizingObject.

 property System::ComponentModel::ISynchronizeInvoke ^ SynchronizingObject { System::ComponentModel::ISynchronizeInvoke ^ get(); void set(System::ComponentModel::ISynchronizeInvoke ^ value); };
public System.ComponentModel.ISynchronizeInvoke SynchronizingObject { get; set; }
member this.SynchronizingObject : System.ComponentModel.ISynchronizeInvoke with get, set
Public Property SynchronizingObject As ISynchronizeInvoke

Property Value


Object that implements the ISynchronizeInvoke interface and is used by instances of this type for event handler synchronization on the thread that created it.



The calling object has been disposed.


The default set value for this property is null, indicating that all event handlers are called on a system thread pool thread.

This property is typically set to a UI element such as a Form instance.

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