SocketAsyncEventArgs.MemoryBuffer Property


Gets the region of memory to use as a buffer with an asynchronous socket method.

 property Memory<System::Byte> MemoryBuffer { Memory<System::Byte> get(); };
public Memory<byte> MemoryBuffer { get; }
member this.MemoryBuffer : Memory<byte>
Public ReadOnly Property MemoryBuffer As Memory(Of Byte)

Property Value


A region of memory that represents the data buffer to use with an asynchronous socket method.


This property gets the data buffer currently associated with the SocketAsyncEventArgs instance. To set the buffer, the SetBuffer method must be used.

This property is used with the Socket.AcceptAsync, Socket.ConnectAsync, Socket.ReceiveAsync, Socket.ReceiveFromAsync, Socket.ReceiveMessageFromAsync, Socket.SendAsync, and Socket.SendToAsync methods.

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