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ResourceManager.MagicNumber Field


Holds the number used to identify resource files.

public: static initonly int MagicNumber;
public static readonly int MagicNumber;
 staticval mutable MagicNumber : int
Public Shared ReadOnly MagicNumber As Integer 

Field Value


The value is set to 0xBEEFCACE. The first four bytes of the system default file format contain a 32-bit signed integer in little-endian format (see Encoding).

If the MagicNumber is found, the bytes following it will be a version number for a ResourceManager header, followed by a number indicating how many bytes should be skipped to get past this header. The next number indicates the version of the ResourceManager that created the header, followed by version specific information.

The version number for the current implementation is one. The next bytes are a length-prefixed string containing the name of an IResourceReader, which can read this file.

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