EnvelopedCms.ContentInfo Property


Gets the content information for the enveloped CMS/PKCS#7 message.

 property System::Security::Cryptography::Pkcs::ContentInfo ^ ContentInfo { System::Security::Cryptography::Pkcs::ContentInfo ^ get(); };
public System.Security.Cryptography.Pkcs.ContentInfo ContentInfo { get; }
member this.ContentInfo : System.Security.Cryptography.Pkcs.ContentInfo
Public ReadOnly Property ContentInfo As ContentInfo

Property Value


The content information for the enveloped CMS/PKCS#7 message.


When the EnvelopedCms class is being used to to encrypt data, the value of this property represents the data to encrypt. It is not replaced with encrypted content after a call to an Encrypt method.

The value of this property is replaced during a call to Decode, which then represents the encrypted content decoded from the message. After a successful call to a Decrypt method, the value is replaced again, with the decrypted message contents.

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