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X509KeyStorageFlags Enum


Defines where and how to import the private key of an X.509 certificate.

This enumeration supports a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class X509KeyStorageFlags
public enum X509KeyStorageFlags
public enum X509KeyStorageFlags
type X509KeyStorageFlags = 
type X509KeyStorageFlags = 
Public Enum X509KeyStorageFlags


DefaultKeySet 0

The default key set is used. The user key set is usually the default.

EphemeralKeySet 32

The key associated with a PFX file is created in memory and not persisted on disk when importing a certificate.

Exportable 4

Imported keys are marked as exportable.

MachineKeySet 2

Private keys are stored in the local computer store rather than the current user store.

PersistKeySet 16

The key associated with a PFX file is persisted when importing a certificate.

UserKeySet 1

Private keys are stored in the current user store rather than the local computer store. This occurs even if the certificate specifies that the keys should go in the local computer store.

UserProtected 8

Notify the user through a dialog box or other method that the key is accessed. The Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP) in use defines the precise behavior.

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