ManifestKinds Enum


Represents the type of manifest that the signature information applies to.

This enumeration supports a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class ManifestKinds
public enum ManifestKinds
type ManifestKinds = 
Public Enum ManifestKinds


Application 2

The manifest is for an application.

ApplicationAndDeployment 3

The manifest is for deployment and application. The is the default value for verifying signatures.

Deployment 1

The manifest is for deployment only.

None 0

The manifest is of no particular type.


This enumeration has two purposes:

  • In the VerifySignature method, it specifies which manifests you want to generate signature information for.

  • In a ManifestSignatureInformation object, it shows you which manifest the signature information is generated from.

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