CommunicationObject.OnOpen(TimeSpan) Method


Inserts processing on a communication object after it transitions into the opening state which must complete within a specified interval of time.

 abstract void OnOpen(TimeSpan timeout);
protected abstract void OnOpen (TimeSpan timeout);
abstract member OnOpen : TimeSpan -> unit
Protected MustOverride Sub OnOpen (timeout As TimeSpan)



The TimeSpan that specifies how long the on open operation has to complete before timing out.


The communication object is not in a Opened or Opening state and cannot be modified.

The communication object is in a Closing or Closed state and cannot be modified.

The communication object is in a Faulted state and cannot be modified.

The default interval of time that was allotted for the operation was exceeded before the operation was completed.


The Open method calls OnOpen(TimeSpan) (after calling OnOpening and before calling OnOpened) if the communication object is initially in the Created state.

To insert processing as a communication object transitions to a opening state due to the invocation of an asynchronous OnBeginOpen(TimeSpan, AsyncCallback, Object) operation, use the OnOpening method.

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