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ICallContextInitializer Interface


Defines the methods that enable the initialization and recycling of thread-local storage with the thread that invokes user code.

public interface class ICallContextInitializer
public interface ICallContextInitializer
type ICallContextInitializer = interface
Public Interface ICallContextInitializer


Implement the ICallContextInitializer interface and add it to the DispatchOperation.CallContextInitializers property to initialize and clean up thread-local storage for the thread that invokes user code. Typical usage is to set some value, such as impersonation or changing the System.Globalization.CultureInfo. If you wanted to establish some custom context, this is the extension point to initialize the static context property, which is then available for developers in the course of the operation.



Implement to participate in cleaning up the thread that invoked the operation.

BeforeInvoke(InstanceContext, IClientChannel, Message)

Implement to participate in the initialization of the operation thread.

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