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IOperationInvoker Interface


Declares methods that take an object and an array of parameters extracted from a message, invoke a method on that object with those parameters, and return the method's return value and output parameters.

public interface class IOperationInvoker
public interface IOperationInvoker
type IOperationInvoker = interface
Public Interface IOperationInvoker


Implement the IOperationInvoker interface to control the conversion from an untyped object and array of parameters to a strongly-typed method call on that object. It has a synchronous Invoke method, which takes an instance and set of inputs of type object and returns an object and a set of outputs of type object. It also has a InvokeBegin and InvokeEnd variant. The IsSynchronous property specifies whether the synchronous or asynchronous method should be used.



Gets a value that specifies whether the Invoke(Object, Object[], Object[]) or InvokeBegin(Object, Object[], AsyncCallback, Object) method is called by the dispatcher.



Returns an Array of parameter objects.

Invoke(Object, Object[], Object[])

Returns an object and a set of output objects from an instance and set of input objects.

InvokeBegin(Object, Object[], AsyncCallback, Object)

An asynchronous implementation of the Invoke(Object, Object[], Object[]) method.

InvokeEnd(Object, Object[], IAsyncResult)

The asynchronous end method.

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