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IClientChannel.BeginDisplayInitializationUI(AsyncCallback, Object) Method


An asynchronous call to begin using a user interface to obtain credential information.

 IAsyncResult ^ BeginDisplayInitializationUI(AsyncCallback ^ callback, System::Object ^ state);
public IAsyncResult BeginDisplayInitializationUI (AsyncCallback callback, object state);
abstract member BeginDisplayInitializationUI : AsyncCallback * obj -> IAsyncResult
Public Function BeginDisplayInitializationUI (callback As AsyncCallback, state As Object) As IAsyncResult



The method that is called when this method completes.


Information about the state of the channel.


The IAsyncResult to use to call back when processing has completed.


Call this method to cause any interactive channel initialization (for example, CardSpace card selection) to occur. This happens automatically if the channel is used without explicitly calling ICommunicationObject.Open, so for many applications this call is optional.

However, if the user takes a long time in the selection process, the operation that automatically called this may time out. To prevent this, call DisplayInitializationUI or BeginDisplayInitializationUI and EndDisplayInitializationUI explicitly. These operations do not time out and allow you to control exactly where in your application this dialog comes up.

This method only brings up a dialog if the application is configured to do so. When the application is not configured to use CardSpace or another interactive channel initializer, this call returns without any action.

If you call this method explicitly, you must also explicitly open the channel before using it.

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