PromptVolume Enum


Enumerates values for volume levels (loudness) in prompts.

public enum class PromptVolume
public enum PromptVolume
type PromptVolume = 
Public Enum PromptVolume


Default 7

Indicates the engine-specific default volume level.

ExtraLoud 6

Indicates an extra loud volume level.

ExtraSoft 2

Indicates an extra soft volume level.

Loud 5

Indicates a loud volume level.

Medium 4

Indicates a medium volume level.

NotSet 0

Indicates that the volume level is not set.

Silent 1

Indicates a muted volume level.

Soft 3

Indicates a soft volume level.


Members of the PromptVolume enumeration are used by the PromptStyle constructor, by the AppendText method, and by the StartStyle method to specify the volume level for spoken text. The Volume property gets the volume for a PromptStyle object using a PromptVolume instance.

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