SpeechSynthesizer.PhonemeReached Event


Raised when a phoneme is reached.

 event EventHandler<System::Speech::Synthesis::PhonemeReachedEventArgs ^> ^ PhonemeReached;
public event EventHandler<System.Speech.Synthesis.PhonemeReachedEventArgs> PhonemeReached;
member this.PhonemeReached : EventHandler<System.Speech.Synthesis.PhonemeReachedEventArgs> 
Public Custom Event PhonemeReached As EventHandler(Of PhonemeReachedEventArgs) 

Event Type


A phoneme is a basic component of written language, typically a letter of an alphabet (or the combination of two letters) that represents one or more distinct sounds. For example, the letter "c" is a phoneme that may sound like "s" in "cinder", or like "k" in "catch". A written word is an assemblage of phonemes. Changing a phoneme in a word will alter its spelling.

A SpeechSynthesizer instance generates a PhonemeReached event for each portion of a word that constitutes a phoneme. For example, for the word "theme" would generate three PhonemeReached events; one for the "th" sound, one for the "e" sound, and one for the "m" sound (me).

For an example and information about data associated with the event, see PhonemeReachedEventArgs.

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