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StringComparer.InvariantCultureIgnoreCase Property


Gets a StringComparer object that performs a case-insensitive string comparison using the word comparison rules of the invariant culture.

 static property StringComparer ^ InvariantCultureIgnoreCase { StringComparer ^ get(); };
public static StringComparer InvariantCultureIgnoreCase { get; }
static member InvariantCultureIgnoreCase : StringComparer
Public Shared ReadOnly Property InvariantCultureIgnoreCase As StringComparer

Property Value

A new StringComparer object.


The StringComparer returned by the InvariantCultureIgnoreCase property compares strings in a linguistically relevant manner that ignores case, but it is not suitable for display in any particular culture. Its major application is to order strings in a way that will be identical across cultures.

The invariant culture is the CultureInfo object returned by the InvariantCulture property.

The InvariantCultureIgnoreCase property actually returns an instance of an anonymous class derived from the StringComparer class.

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