HttpRequest.Unvalidated Property


Gets the HTTP request values without triggering request validation.

 property System::Web::UnvalidatedRequestValues ^ Unvalidated { System::Web::UnvalidatedRequestValues ^ get(); };
public System.Web.UnvalidatedRequestValues Unvalidated { get; }
member this.Unvalidated : System.Web.UnvalidatedRequestValues
Public ReadOnly Property Unvalidated As UnvalidatedRequestValues

Property Value

The HTTP request values that have not been checked using request validation.


Request validation checks for HTML markup and script that might indicate a potential cross-site scripting attack. By default, all values are checked using request validation and if any values contain markup or script, ASP.NET throws an HttpRequestValidationException exception. Use this method if you anticipate that the request will contain markup (for example, you are allowing users to post content that contains markup) and you want to get the raw value of a request.


If you use this property, you must manually check the data for potential cross-site scripting attacks.

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