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IPartitionResolver Interface


Defines methods that must be implemented for custom session-state partition resolution.

public interface class IPartitionResolver
public interface IPartitionResolver
type IPartitionResolver = interface
Public Interface IPartitionResolver


Implement the IPartitionResolver interface and the Initialize and ResolvePartition methods, if you are providing custom partition resolution for session-state data across multiple backend nodes when in SQL or state-server mode.

The session-state management information can be configured in the sessionState Element (ASP.NET Settings Schema) of the configuration file with the partitionResolverType attribute. If a value is specified for the partitionResolverType attribute, the sqlConnectionString and stateConnectionString attributes are ignored.

The partition resolution configuration can also be set programmatically using the PartitionResolverType property. If the PartitionResolverType property is specified, the SqlConnectionString and StateConnectionString properties are ignored.



Initializes the custom partition resolver.


Resolves the partition based on a key parameter.

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