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BufferedWebEventProvider.Flush Method


Moves the events from the provider's buffer into the event log.

 override void Flush();
public override void Flush ();
override this.Flush : unit -> unit
Public Overrides Sub Flush ()


The following code example shows how to use the Flush method.

public override void  Flush()
    customInfo.AppendLine("Perform custom flush");
    StoreToFile(customInfo, logFilePath, FileMode.Append);
Public Overrides Sub Flush()
   customInfo.AppendLine("Perform custom flush")
     StoreToFile(customInfo, _
     logFilePath, FileMode.Append)
End Sub


When this method is called, all the events in the buffer are immediately moved from the buffer to the log, regardless of how much time has elapsed since last write or how many events are in the buffer. The time of the last write is reset to the time of the flushing action.

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