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MembershipProvider.EnablePasswordRetrieval Property


Indicates whether the membership provider is configured to allow users to retrieve their passwords.

 abstract property bool EnablePasswordRetrieval { bool get(); };
public abstract bool EnablePasswordRetrieval { get; }
member this.EnablePasswordRetrieval : bool
Public MustOverride ReadOnly Property EnablePasswordRetrieval As Boolean

Property Value

true if the membership provider is configured to support password retrieval; otherwise, false. The default is false.


For an example of a MembershipProvider implementation, see Implementing a Profile Provider.


The EnablePasswordRetrieval property contains a Boolean value specified in the configuration file (Web.config) using the enablePasswordRetrieval attribute. The value indicates whether users can use the GetPassword method to retrieve their current password from the data source. This property is read-only.

If your custom membership provider supports hashed passwords, your GetPassword method implementation should throw an exception if EnablePasswordRetrieval is set to true and the password format is set to Hashed. Hashed passwords cannot be retrieved.

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