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MembershipProvider.GetPassword(String, String) Method


Gets the password for the specified user name from the data source.

 abstract System::String ^ GetPassword(System::String ^ username, System::String ^ answer);
public abstract string GetPassword (string username, string answer);
abstract member GetPassword : string * string -> string
Public MustOverride Function GetPassword (username As String, answer As String) As String



The user to retrieve the password for.


The password answer for the user.


The password for the specified user name.


For an example of a MembershipProvider implementation, see Implementing a Profile Provider.


Takes, as input, a user name and a password answer and retrieves the password for that user from the data source and returns the password as a string.

The GetPassword method ensures that the EnablePasswordRetrieval flag is set to true before performing any action. If EnablePasswordRetrieval is false, a NotSupportedException exception is thrown.

GetPassword also checks the value of the RequiresQuestionAndAnswer property. If RequiresQuestionAndAnswer is true, GetPassword checks the value of the supplied answer parameter against the stored password answer in the data source. If they do not match, a MembershipPasswordException exception is thrown.

If your custom membership provider supports hashed passwords, the GetPassword method should throw an exception if the EnablePasswordRetrieval property is set to true and the password format is set to Hashed. Hashed passwords cannot be retrieved.

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