SiteMapNode.PreviousSibling Property


Gets the previous SiteMapNode object on the same level as the current one, relative to the ParentNode object (if one exists).

 virtual property System::Web::SiteMapNode ^ PreviousSibling { System::Web::SiteMapNode ^ get(); };
public virtual System.Web.SiteMapNode PreviousSibling { get; }
member this.PreviousSibling : System.Web.SiteMapNode
Public Overridable ReadOnly Property PreviousSibling As SiteMapNode

Property Value

The previous SiteMapNode, serially, before the current one, under the parent node; otherwise, null, if no parent exists, there is no node before this one, or security trimming is enabled and the user cannot view the parent or previous sibling nodes.


The PreviousSibling property presumes that the site map provider implements its internal collections such that when a parent node retrieves its ChildNodes objects, the nodes are in the same order as they appear in the site map. If you use .NET Framework collection classes in an implementation of a SiteMapProvider provider, choose collections that implement the IList interface, such as the ArrayList or ListDictionary class. If you choose collections that do not implement the IList interface, such as the Hashtable class, unexpected results can occur for simple site navigation operations.

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