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FormView.ExtractRowValues(IOrderedDictionary, Boolean) Method


Retrieves the values of each field declared within the data row and stores them in the specified IOrderedDictionary object.

 virtual void ExtractRowValues(System::Collections::Specialized::IOrderedDictionary ^ fieldValues, bool includeKeys);
protected virtual void ExtractRowValues (System.Collections.Specialized.IOrderedDictionary fieldValues, bool includeKeys);
abstract member ExtractRowValues : System.Collections.Specialized.IOrderedDictionary * bool -> unit
override this.ExtractRowValues : System.Collections.Specialized.IOrderedDictionary * bool -> unit
Protected Overridable Sub ExtractRowValues (fieldValues As IOrderedDictionary, includeKeys As Boolean)



An IOrderedDictionary used to store the field values of the current data item.


true to include key fields; otherwise, false.


The ExtractRowValues method is a helper method called by the FormView control to retrieve the values of each field declared within the data row. Because the data row displays a different template based on the current mode, this method retrieves only the field values declared in the template that corresponds to the current mode. The following table shows the available modes and the corresponding templates.

Mode Template
Insert InsertItemTemplate
Edit EditItemTemplate
Read-only ItemTemplate

You can specify whether the extracted values include the key field or fields by using the includeKeys parameter.

Notes to Inheritors

When extending the FormView class, you can override this method to create your own routine to retrieve the field values.

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